MES, SCADA and PLC programming, the core of your automation project

Do you want to automate your production line fully or partially? Thanks to our expertise in industrial automation and our affinity with technology, we always provide a high-quality, start-to-finish automation solution. From concept design and PLC programming to panel building and mechanical engineering. In this way, we make your production process safer, faster, more precise ánd more carefree.

Meet Devion

Control and monitor your machine or robot installation

In addition to concept design, mechanical design and electrical design, SCADA, MES and PLC programming are crucial for the automatic operation of your business systems. Software is the heart of your automation project and ensures that your machine or robot installation is accurately controlled, monitored or adjusted.

At Devion, we develop our own applications using software and hardware primarily from Allen Bradley, Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider and Wonderware. These applications are the trusted foundations to successfully set your business process automation in motion.


Reliable programming on three levels

1) PLC programming

The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is the central control system or “the brain” of your installation. With PLC programming our PLC programmers tell your (robot) installation how, when and in what order it should perform its actions. We always consider the applicable quality and safety standards. When programming your PLC, we also link your machine to our diagnosis system. In this way, we can quickly help you in case of problems or malfunctions and minimize production downtime.

2) SCADA programming

A SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is an application that gives you more insight into your business processes so you can optimize them. It collects, processes and visualizes crucial information about the condition of your installations, temperature, level, flow and pressure. In addition, SCADA provides detailed reports of production volumes and process alarms, including malfunctions and system events.

3) MES programming

An MES (Manufacturing Execution System) supports you in the planning, execution, control and analysis of your production process. Thanks to an MES you can make your production process more efficient, more economical and thus achieve higher returns. We can easily link this system to your ERP system.


High-precision MES, SCADA and PLC programming

Devion’s technical team develops and writes the applications to automate your production line.