Devion, pioneer in machine building and industrial automation

Do you need a specialized, one-of-a-kind machine that is not available on the market? Devion is thé expert in machine building and manufactures a machine or system that entirely meets your demands. From transport systems and robot cells to fully-fledged production lines.

Discover our approach

Customization down to the last millimeter

Devion does not build standard machines. Each machine is developed according to your wishes, needs and requirements. Because ultimately every production environment is unique and each production process requires a different automation solution.

Our mechanical engineering experts will devise this automation solution together with you. You can rely on our team for concept design, machine building, electrical design and software development. We can also adapt and update existing machines. Together we increase your productivity and create a safe, ergonomic and comfortable working environment.

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Machine building based on your wishes

Manipulation and hoisting equipment

Manipulation and hoisting gears allow you to bring your goods easily and safely into a certain position. You can turn, tilt, manipulate, lift or move them in no time.

Mounting and assembly systems

Devion’s high-tech assembly systems allow you to automate your assembly line and to merge different parts in an extremely fast, flexible and simple manner.

Internal transport systems

Would you like to automate your internal transport? Thanks to our high-quality internal transport systems everything runs like clockwork. As a specialist in machine building, we are able to construct the most diverse systems, ranging from roller conveyors and conveyor belts to stackers, transfer, lift and turntables.

Packaging machines

Devion manufactures the perfect packaging machines to make your packaging process as smooth as possible. Pallet wrappers, case erectors, strapping machines, printing and labeling equipment are only some of the possibilities. We really take machine building to the next level.

Robotic installations

We develop high-tech robot installations that are programmed to perform a specific task or several tasks. We can equip these robots with custom-made tools, such as servo grippers, pushers or vacuum tools.

Motion systems

Magnetic or servo-driven motion systems approach motion control in a completely innovative way. They enable you to move products with extreme control and precision through fluid movements and empower you to continuously monitor carriers.


Machine building at its best

Devion builds high-tech, customized machines to improve your workflow and to increase the quality control of your product.