Concept design, the first step towards business process automation

Do you need a machine that is entirely tailored to your production environment? Devion has years of experience in business process automation (BPA) and creates a flawless concept, design and prototype of your customized machine. We always go the extra mile and take on every challenge to make your production process more efficient and profitable.

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How we get started with your project

1) Project discussion

Our team identifies your needs, requirements, goals and challenges and designs a strategic, cost-efficient automation solution. We investigate how we can automate the various processes within your company and how we can optimally coordinate them.

2) Concept development

After the project discussion, we develop a concept which we present to you and adjust where necessary. We carry out a risk analysis, viability study, pre-calculation and quotation analysis. This gives you a better idea of the investment costs, the return on investment (ROI) and the delivery period. In this phase of the business process automation, we draw up the operator and maintenance manuals as well.

3) Detailed engineering

Our technical engineers create a tailor-made 3D design of your machine, taking into account all applicable safety regulations. You can still evaluate and modify the design until it meets all your requirements.

4) Prototyping

Do you want to test the machine before we actually start producing it? In that case, we will build a prototype and examine its operation in detail. This allows us to detect errors in time and modify the design wherever necessary, which saves time and money during the production phase itself. For more complex projects, we can also create a virtual simulation of the machine.

From concept and design to production and installation

After approval of the design, we move on to the execution of your project: our professionals will further develop the mechanical, electrical and control components. We produce and test your machine in our own factory. When you have approved the machine, we install it at your site with the utmost care and precision. Furthermore, we train your employees and share our knowledge of business process automation so you can get the most out of your customized machine.

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Enhance your workflow with a custom-made machine

Thanks to our years of expertise in business process automation we effortlessly develop a customized machine to optimize your production flow.

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