08 Mar. 2022

We welcome our interns Rutger and Jarno to the devion team. Under the wings of Dries and Arne they explore the wonderful world of automation.

For the elaboration of their thesis, they each received an interesting assignment.

Devion is always ready to make your production and logistics processes safer, faster, more cost-efficient and worry-free. But we also want to work as efficiently as possible in our own company. That is why we commissioned our intern Rutger to optimize the current building automation system. And to link it to our internal energy management.

We centralize various separate components such as lighting, HVAC, audio, access control, alarm and our energy production in 1 overarching system. The system is easily accessible via PC and/or GSM. By linking our energy production to the overarching system, we control the charging of our electric cars. Our HVAC system is also controlled in this way.

In an earlier phase we have already invested in solar panels and a battery system. With this application, we are making another major step forward in energy efficiency.

As a machine builder, we want to be an example in the field of machine security! Functional safety is an essential part of the machine design process. However, this knowledge is often insufficiently available among the technical staff. As an extra service, we want to help our customers with this and train their staff.

From this point of view, we commissioned Jarno to develop a didactic demo board. It simulates the operation of various safety components. On the basis of this demo board we can train and coach our customers and their employees.

Our goal: a perfect synergy between productivity and safety!


Photo: Rutger and Jarno with their mentors Dries and Arne.