Devion, experienced engineering and automation company

Industrial automation is the future. As seasoned machine builders, we know that all too well. For over 20 years we have been driven by our love for technology and we have been making production and logistics processes safer, faster, more cost-efficient and more carefree. Our automation company creates high-tech and sophisticated automation solutions from A to Z, perfectly tailored to your wishes and needs.

From DC Engineering to Devion

Devion owes its long-time experience to DC Engineering, the one-man business where it all started. Throughout the years we have taken on new challenges, implemented new technologies and explored new fields of expertise. We wanted to expand our business and offer our customers a start-to-finish solution to serve them even better.

Today, our customers can rely on us for design and engineering, machine building, panel and cabinet construction and software development. Our engineers, technical designers, machine builders and programmers always put perfection, precision and professionalism first. That is why our automation company delivers results that exceed your expectations, each and every time.

As a dynamic company we always want to look ahead, we dare to question ourselves. We want to do even better tomorrow than we did today.
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Our core values in a nutshell


We want to deliver products and services that we are proud of. Only the best is good enough: reliable products of the highest quality, perfectly tailored to your needs, wishes and requirements.


In our engineering and automation company, everything revolves around professionalism and quality. We go the extra mile every day and set the bar sky-high to take your business to the next level.


Our enthusiastic trendsetters are always looking for the latest technologies to expand their knowledge. Solving complex problems motivates, drives and excites them.


At Devion, we strive for respectful and long-term relationships with our clients so each party benefits from the collaboration. A customer-oriented, correct approach makes the difference for you and for us.

Our roadmap to success

1) Design and engineering

Based on your needs, wishes, demands, objectives and production environment we devise a suitable automation solution and design a first concept. We also carry out a risk analysis, viability study, pre-calculation and quotation analysis and draw up the operator and maintenance manuals. Afterwards, we create a 3D design and build a prototype (if required) so you can examine what your solution will look like in reality.

2) Production and testing

After approval of the design, our automation company will proceed with the execution of your project. In this phase, we delve into the mechanical design, electrical design and software development of your project. Our machine builders assemble all components and install the entire installation in our factory. Afterwards, we test the operation of the machine down to the smallest detail and make adjustments if needed.

3) Delivery and training

After you have approved the machine, we break it down and reinstall it at your site. We ensure that everything is implemented and wired correctly, we test the machine and boot it afterwards. Moreover, we train your employees to transfer our technical knowledge and to familiarize them with the new system. Do you need assistance after project implementation? Then you can conclude a 24h/24h support contract with our automation company.


Let’s get started!

Do you want to turn your ideas into reality? Devion makes your business entirely futureproof.

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