24 Feb. 2022

Sector Waste Water Treatment / WWT


Our customer, Aquaplus, handles the operational management of the water treatment plant at Colruyt Group and Barry Callebaut Belgium N.V.

After more than 20 years of service, this installation is outdated and the chance of malfunctions and defects is increasing. In addition, many components are no longer commonly available. An update of the electrical installation and the operating system is in order.

Oude JB

The complete conversion takes place in just 3 days! Talk about a challenge.

In 3 days, we will replace 7 meters of low-voltage switchgear, install a new control system and link it to the existing installation. In the meantime, we also keep the most crucial systems up and running.

This short lead time ensures that the customer can temporarily buffer the waste water.

As a result, the customer does not need a permit to enable the discharge of untreated waste water.


The construction and cabling of the new voltage panels takes place in our own workshop. Parallel to this, the PLC control and scada are also programmed.

Before we transport the new low-voltage switchgear, we test the installation.


This wastewater installation went through a real rejuvenation cure in 3 days! The electrical installation is completely up to date and equipped with the latest technology. Our customer no longer has to worry about possible malfunctions due to outdated components.

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