29 Mar. 2021

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector


Our customer has a process line for filling jars and bottles with a skin care cream. One part of the installation applies pistons and pumps to the jars and bottles. However, this unit is due for a thorough overhaul.

This offers the opportunity to create a more contemporary & flexible solution. Devion provides the design and construction of a fully automated unit for closing the filled jars and bottles, with or without a push pump.

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Project design

This project offers several challenges we are committed to. First of all, the new unit has to connect seamlessly to the existing supply and discharge line of the installation. There is however only a limited area available to build the new installation. In addition, the customer wants the installation to be able to trade different types of products and various caps and pumps. Also, each product must be checked for possible errors before it can be packaged.


In order to meet these requirements, Devion has based its design on a central turning table with several stations where various robots perform the necessary actions, according to the selected product. With each step performed, the table rotates 1 position further to the next station, until all operations are completed and the product can be discharged. At 2 stations on the turning table, there is a camera system that inspects the product for errors.

The installation is built in such a way that maintenance and interventions are easy to carry out. Furthermore, the concept also takes into account protection against contamination, as well as cleanability. For example, every weld seam is eliminated and the entire installation is polished and post-treated to achieve the desired Ra value. Access to the various units is secured with locked Safety contacts. The doors can only be opened when the installation is stopped. For this purpose, request buttons are installed on each door.


The result is a high-tech installation that can process different types of products and is ready for the products of the future. The unit supplies 20 to 30 products per minute with a lid or pump and checks for any production errors.

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